Looking for the best VR solution - what headset to buy?

Hi, I am looking for a nice VR headset, thinking about PSVR 2 but looking around … With my budget I would like to keep it under $1000.


Many thanks :slight_smile:


I have used my Meta Quest 2 for a little over 2 years now. Super nice headset, especially if you get the elite strap. Battery life definitely depletes after a while. I only get around ~1:30 to ~1:45 on a single charge, but for how much I play it, it still works for me. Now I have only had experience with the Quest 1 (which was a friend’s) and the Quest 2, so I can’t really help you out in those other brands. I have heard that the tracking on both PSVR headsets hasn’t been AS good as the Quest’s. Hope this helps!

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I bought a Meta Quest 2 on Black Friday for $350 and it’s been doing what I need it to do. It can run software on the headset purchased through the Quest store if you don’t have a powerful PC to connect to, but you can also connect it to a computer for PCVR.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Inside-out tracking
  • No base stations
  • Can connect to PC via USB-C cable or wifi


  • No base stations also means it can’t track hand/controller motion behind your head
  • Limited options for pupilary distance
  • Stock headstrap can be a bit uncomfortable for longer sessions
  • You need to make an account with Meta to use it at all

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used some other headsets, but I also think the Quest 2 is an amazing bang for your buck.

If you want to look at other PC options, the Valve Index is really great with full finger tracking on the controllers, and base stations that can track your hands anywhere. It comes in right at your $1000 budget.

I’ve also messed with a Quest Pro a bit (I have a relative who is a Meta employee and got one for work) and while it’s the best screen experience I’ve ever seen in a VR headset but the lack of base stations does mean that you’ll still have issues if your hands go behind your head. Price tag on it is $1500, which would be higher than your budget, but maybe you find a used one.

(I also have a PSVR for PS4 and will say “even if you find it used, just don’t buy it; it’s awful.”)

If nothing else, keep in mind that a PSVR2 can only be used with a Playstation 5 and will not connect to your PC.


I have heard that the tracking on both PSVR headsets hasn’t been AS good as the Quest’s. Hope this helps!

PSVR and PSVR 2 use very different tracking tech.

PSVR uses an external camera to track lights on the headset and controllers. It’s pretty bad. Prone to drifting if there’s any otherpoint light sources in the room, can’t track well if you turn your head more than 90 degrees away from the screen, etc.

PSVR 2 uses basically the same tracking tech as the Quest does and by all reports I’ve read tracks comparably well.


Been using my quest 2 no problem the past 2 years now. It’s very reliable. And is honestly the best option under a $1000 as staying in the PC platform imo is the best for vr due to sales and bundles and modability to certain games like beat saber.


Oh really? Very interesting! Did not know that! Thank you for correcting me!

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I loved the quest 2 but it gave me a rash every time I used it :pensive:.


So sorry to hear that. I have a silicon face cover for the Quest for sweat, but it did also solve the rash issue for me, as wearing it for a extended period of time did give me a small rash.

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Ya I had bought like 5 or 6 different types of covers and none of them ever worked which sucks cuz that thing was fun.


The quest 2 has a pretty good support for 3rd party customization so if you find the stock face pads being bad you can get better stuff. I’ve basically replaced the stock pads strap and even have prescription lenses in for my setup.


I went for the Valve Index a couple years ago. I have found it to be really nice and the controllers are amazing for games that support as they strap to your hand. It is nice to pick things up by just closing your hand without worrying about dropping a controller.

I know that pegs you right up against your price point. I will say that you only really need one base station if you are find with not doing a full 360. But clearly it is one of the priciest options out there.