Linear Switch Recommendations

Okay, you guys came to my aid for the keycaps for the up coming Zoom TKL build, now onto the switch recommendations as can’t make up my mind.

I created a poll with my current thoughts or ones I’m thinking about.

  • Kinetic Labs Hippo Linear Switches (own)
  • Kinetic Labs Moon V2 Linear Switches
  • GLORIOUS LYNX Linear Switches
  • Gateron Oil King Switches
  • Gateron Ink Black V2
  • Other Options List Below

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I like Linear switches but also a fan of the a tactile switch like the Glorious Panda’s (using them on my GMMK 2 96% work keyboard), so a switch like Tecsee Purple Panda crossed my mind too.

There are just so many options and choices. Using the Glorious Fox’s in another build and I can always revert back to the AKKO Speed Silvers that aren’t in use but want something different for this new build.

Let me know your guys thoughts in the poll and or comments below. Thanks for the feedback, as I’m driving myself crazy with options :joy:


I voted for the lynx but that’s because that’s the only switch out of them I’ve used but I do love them.


I’m not much of a linear switch person so I can’t personally recommend a switch, but I have a co-worker who is always talking about how great the Oil Kings are. He’s someone who finds fault in everything so if he says something is great, it must be a unicorn.

Regarding the Tecsee Purple Pandas: I have a GMMK Pro build with them installed. They are pretty close to the Glorious Pandas. The Purple Pandas have slightly less travel (3.0 mm vs. 3.2 mm), a slightly longer spring (15.9 mm vs. 14.9 mm) and slightly more stem wobble. The stem wobble is the most notable difference, but it’s pretty small.

I’m no TheraminGoat or anything, but here are my measurements between the Tecsee Purple Pandas and the Glorious Pandas:

Tecsee Purple Pandas Glorious Pandas
Stem Length 13.95 mm 13.70 mm
Stem Material POM POM
Stem Travel 3.0 mm 3.2 mm
Spring Length 15.9 mm 14.9 mm
Spring Type Progressive Linear
Spring Stiffness 67 gm-force 67 gm-force

I keep all of this kind of data in a Jupyter notebook because I’m a super nerd. :nerd_face:


It was a tough choice, as I love both the Oil Kings and Ink Black V2s. The reason I voted Oil Kings came down to them being factory lubed and not requiring anything extra. Ink Black V2s will need lube and film, but I find them to a be an extremely nice switch once that is done.

So it comes down to factory-lube (that is actually decent) or lubing and filming yourself. I didn’t like the Lynx switch, and I’ve never used the Kinetic Labs ones.

Edit: here is TheraminGoat’s GitHub repository where he has score breakdowns for a ton of switches. Not every switch is going to be there, but it’s a good starting point to get an idea. GitHub - ThereminGoat/switch-scores: PDF Repository of switch score sheets.

Edit: Lynx Scoring

Oil King Scoring


Need a bit more info if you want a recommendation, but off if that list I would have to echo @SentientTD’s picks.

I would also add to them:

  • Alpacas
  • KTT Roses
  • Akko Vintage White
  • C3 Tangerines

And if you aren’t afraid to lube, and want a fun long-pole switch:

  • Moondrop Lunalights

I have also been enjoying Parallel Pewters that are barely a tactile…


I think the Kinetic Labs switches are great. I’d recommend the Geckos.


Of the listed switches in the poll, I’d personally go for the Lynxes because I really enjoyed them. Very smooth, factory lube was actually pretty good, sounded good. Nice springs.

I recommend checking out the KFA Pink Robins, Gateron Cream Sodas and Milky Yellow Pros, and the Gazzew Linear Thocks (aka Gazzew LTs). Gateron Ink V2 Blacks are nice but are showing their age vs newer switches.

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I’m currently using KTT Kang Whites V3. They’re exceptionally good and my new favorite budget linear. I do like Ink Blacks and Milky Yellows but I’m really vibing with these. Lil Shoosh on YouTube uses them in a lot of his “creamy” sounding builds.

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Thanks for everyone’s feedback!!

I went with the Oil Kings and the Moon V2’s (as I wanted to try them out after watching Alexotos video with them for his Mode Eighty build). Picked up a new coil cable and Durock V2 Stabilizers while at it too.