Keyboard Advice please

I’ve been thinking about building a keyboard but I don’t want to spend too much. I prefer linear switches and enjoy having RGB. What do you guys think a good budget/part list? I’m completely new to this.

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Are you looking for something that you can get right away or are you looking to get in on a Group Buy and wait to get your board for a few months?

What size board are you most interested in?

There are some nice Group Buy Keyboards going live in the next couple weeks but you would be waiting a few months before you would receive anything you bought in GB

I would prefer as soon as possible.

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Alright, well first off there are the Glorious Keyboards and then has a good selection of boards that you can get right away that are pretty nice. They might not be as fancy looking as some of the Group Buy Keyboards but they are nice boards for sure.

What size board are you most interested in? 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 98%, Full Size?

I prefer tkl, but does any other size include the arrow/f keys? Something more compact would be great, but I use those keys a lot.

1 Like also has a good selection of in stock boards

Like the bakeneko 65 which has arrow keys

Do you want your board to be Aluminum, Plastic, or Acrylic?

I think I may stick with tkl, I’m a Minecraft player and use my f keys a lot

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Plastic probably

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Glorious GMMK Pro is a 75% keyboard with the F row and Arrows Keys. It is an aluminum board so it is a little more expensive but a great keyboard

Ok that sounds great! What do you recommend for switches?

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I am on the linear switch team and some good one’s would be Gateron Oil KIngs, Tangerine Switches, Gateron Blacks, and so many more. It’s all about preference when it comes to switches

Here is a TKL plastic board from Drop that is not to expensive

Also has a great selection of Keyboards as well that are pretty well made and high end, you can get them either plastic or aluminum

Oh wow I love how that looks! As for switches, I have very little experience, so what would you recommend for a beginner?

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I would go with Gateron Oil Kings right off the bat just because they come pre lubed and they usually do a good job with the lube. They are some of my Fav switches

Ok I think I will go with those then. What’s a good brand for key caps? I would like a black/blue theme.

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GMK Keycaps are like top of the line, but check out this here and there are a bunch of different ones to choose from that range from 60-150

AlsoNovelKeys has a great selection of Keycaps as well

Also you can look around Amazon for Cherry profile Keycaps and there are some cheaper ones on their that are pretty nice

Thanks so much for your help! Hopefully I will be building soon!

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I am happy to be able to help and when you do get to building I would love to see what you come up with!!