Keep Model O wired or get wireless

Hey guys,

The censor on my model o wired went out and Glorious agreed to either send a replacement or get it back in store credit. if I went with the store credit, I would upgrade to the wireless version. would upgrading be worth the extra ~$30? or should I stick with the wired and just get the replacement?

Is this an original Model 0 wired or Model 0 2 wired?

If it is the original Model O, I think it is worth it to use the store credit to upgrade the Model 0 2 wired, for a little less price as the Model O wireless.

Thanks for responding!
it was an original model O wired. I haven’t heard the greatest things about the model o2, is it really an upgrade? another note is that I mostly play Minecraft (PVP and such) and that requires butterfly clicking and that’s why I loved the original.

Regardless of the mouse always go wireless. Im never going back to wired