Is there plans to make a wood wrist rest specific for the gmmk pro?

is anyone else hoping to see news that Glorious releases the wooden wrist rest for the GMMK pro soon? i have an onyx version for my gmmk tkl board and it was probably my favorite wrist rest. i would be buying one right away! lol


That would be awesome! I had one custom made for the Pro but would def buy one as well.


I been using a quartz one I got off drop cuz it’s a little lower so i feel like i can type a little more comfortable but after like 5 minutes it just gets hot and loses the appeal of the marble look…switching back to my wooden glorious one soon

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yeah i have one of the black mstone ones from drop but i still prefer my wooden one!

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I’m currently using glorious’ tkl in onyx as well and for performance it works great but it definitely looks off, and based on the measurements of the 60% one it would also look off and not perform as good. I would absolutely love for them to make one specifically for the GMMK pro.

I got my friend to make me a custom one based on the Glorious dimensions to match. I’ll try and remember to post a pic when it finally arrives