Introducing GPBT Kabuto 🏯

Hey everyone!

Wanted to come on here to showcase our July KeyCapsules, GPBT Kabuto!

Use password “HIRAGANA”

Early Access Available NOW :point_down:


@guild_members tagging you here because I know our launch email has been just a little slow in going out :slight_smile:


This is probably my favorite keycap set from glorious yet :heart_eyes:


Totally agree, I like it a lot. I’m loving this new thing from Glorious, lot of effort going into these drops. Reasonable price and arrival time for the end product.


I’m so disappointed in this keycap set. This should have been an instant purchase for me, as I love the black and red color scheme as well as the Kabuto theme. Unfortunately, the execution is where it falls apart for me, due to some of the design choices:

  • The completely red keys look cheap, as does the sword art on the ‘enter’ key. Maybe it’s just the pictures, but something about them makes them appear lesser than the black keys. I really like the Hiragana sub-legends on the alphanumeric keys, and it would have been nice for that to carry over instead of the chosen art (subjective, I realize). I understand that there is a plain red enter key included, but a different design would have been welcome.

  • The Up/Down arrows are not horizontally centered on the key face. I guess this is similar to the GMMK Pro keycap set?

  • As with the previous special releases, the keycaps do not support RGB shine-through. This is the second special release keycap set I would likely have bought had it supported RGB shine-through, even with the previous issues stated.

It would also be nice if these special release keycap sets included a customized knob, slider-cap, and badge for the GMMK Numpad.

I really like the idea of these special releases, and hopefully they sell well so that Glorious can keep making them.


I was excited for these but I’m just not a fan of the red/black scheme (I’m just not a fan of dark keycaps, really) and some of the accents; I’d compromise if the keycaps supported RGB shine-through. Still waiting for a keycap drop that I can pull the trigger on.


Decent GPBT keycap set. I wish it had better keycap support for other keyboards and I could nitpick the text. I would suggest for future themed sets maybe different font and size, especially on the Numpad. I still would spend $60 on this set in my opinion.


I think it looks cool, but I’m really hoping you start releasing double-shot PBT sets. I wish we could get a BoW and WoB double-shot PBT set.


I’m still editing and late on my reviews, but here’s a teaser for what I’m working on for Kabuto:


Back from vacation and was able to get these on. Share on instagram Here

They are very pretty. I will say a few more keycap options would be nice. I ordered a Neo Ergo and would love to put them on, but it would require me to find space bar caps. And I know this is a niche request.


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