I just installed the GSV2 in my GMMK PRO

…and I can’t believe they cost ten bucks.

I bought the black barebones GMMK PRO about half a year ago and installed Durock V2 stabs after balancing the wires and lubing it.

They were better than the stock stabs, but it took A LOT of fiddling to get rid of the rattling. Shift, Enter, and Backspace were OK, but the Spacebar always felt weird. The rattling would come and go, so I don’t know what’s up with that.

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy the GSV2 on the Brazilian Amazon site. I paid about 10 USD for the kit + shipping + taxes.

I read a few reviews before installing them, and people always mentioned that you should apply a thin coat of lube. The 2U wires were perfect out of the box. I balanced the spacebar wire, used less lube than usual (Krytox GPL 205G0), and installed them. I didn’t even need to Holee mod or do anything else.

The GSV2s are quieter than the Durock V2s, which was a nice surprise. There’s zero wobbling and rattling, and I had no issues like keys getting stuck.

I’m not sure if they work this well with the polycarbonate plate or any other keyboard, but they’re excellent in a GMMK PRO with an aluminum plate.

10 USD (or 5 USD via Glorious Store for GMMK PRO owners) is incredible value for what you get. I wouldn’t have wasted money if I knew I could get better stabs for half the price of a Durock V2 kit.


So glad to hear you like them and they’re working so well for you!


They get a lot of hate from people but I personally just find them to have really tight tolerances. The same problems that I have with those tight tolerances I get from Staebies which also have tight tolerances.

What I am getting at is that they are really good stabs but they may not be as friendly to new people to the hobby. I run them in my GMMK Pro and they are fantastic.

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