I have to commend Glorious for their post-sales service

I purchased my barebones GMMK PRO on Amazon weeks ago and decided to get the polycarbonate plate with it. I also bought other stuff from various stores, such as switch foam, stab foam, stabs, lube, etc.

Last month I finally built it, but I had issues with the polycarbonate plate. Specifically, the head of two screws broke off, and so did one of the stands from the polycarbonate plate.

I didn’t overtighten them. I’m guessing the screws are made from a soft metal such as aluminum.

I finished the build using the stock aluminum plate and then contacted Glorious through Amazon to see if they could send a white aluminum plate or a refund.

I bought the plate because I wanted to accentuate the RGB, which is already very bright. The other reason is I wanted to make the keyboard sound a little deeper.

As it turns out, the aluminum plate has a pleasant sound profile, so I was hoping Glorious would send me a white aluminum plate because it would look great on my black GMMK PRO, highlighting the RGB.

Sadly, they weren’t able to do that.

But they sent me a refund, which was a surprise because other companies would usually try to send another PC plate and keep asking questions until you’re all stressed after having to repeat “no, I want a refund” several times.

That’s the only reason I considered giving the PC plate another try in the future, so I’ll buy it and use another set of higher-quality screws.

I wish all companies would give such a stress-free experience to their customers.

P.S.: I had to edit the post because I hit a shortcut that ended posting it before I was done typing. lol


Happy you you were able to easily get a resolution on an unfortunate issue. That is why many of us are here. Hoping that whatever route is in front of you, it’s continued smooth sailing.


Very glad to hear you had a great experience with our CS team! I can’t brag on them enough, they really do an excellent job of making sure all Glorious customers are taken care of :slight_smile:


The PC plate is certainly a bit clackier than the aluminum plate, but I actually really enjoy the fuller sound you get with it over the aluminum. It is closer to FR4 than anything else for me.

Paired with Lynx switches and some GMK caps and woooohhh, that thing sounds great IMO.

Glad you got at least some resolution!