How often do you clean out your PC?

Just curious how often you guys clean out the inside of your PCs lol. Don’t be shy, feel free to come clean! There will be no judging here!

PC cleaning!
  • Once every couple weeks
  • Once a month
  • Once every couple months
  • Other, comment below

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I’m kind of in between every couple weeks and once a month. So I guess 1-2 times a month.

There’s not much me space in my house, but I convinced my wife to let me take over this closet in our living room. So I built my PC area inside there, and it can get dusty pretty fast. So I gotta stay on top of keeping it clean.

Also because of where plugs are located and space, my tower is on the floor under a desk that’s in said closet. Which ups the collecting dust factor.

Anyone else have there setup built into a closet?

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I’m just about on the same schedule as @misoandricegamer. With our house planted in between farm land, we have Corn on one side and Hay on the other and doesn’t help that we have the breeze blowing towards our house, we tend to get quite a bit of dust when they are planting, spreading fertilizer, mowing the hay or the machines picking corn. I would notice the dust build up on the exhaust mesh so would clean it about ever other week. To try and combat this, I did pick up one of those Levoit HEPA Air Purifier and have noticed the dust calm down. I also have a window AC unit so that with the air purifier has calmed the flying dust in the room a lot.

I don’t have my setup built into a closet but I was lucky enough to have a spare bedroom that I converted into my mancave/WFH office.

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2-3 times a year at the most. Getting your pc off the floor will help as it won’t be a vacuum.

Ikea sells a tower stand that can help if you must have it on the floor. UPPSPEL Cpu stand with casters, dark gray - IKEA


@OrgChaos is correct! Absolutely get your PC off the floor, especially if you have carpet (wood floor aren’t as bad as they don’t harbor dirt and dust).

I clean my PC approx. once each yearly quarter (3-4 months). I keep it beside my desk on a small stand and cleaning it is extremely quick due to a general lack of dust and whatnot. Also, I use an electric air blower…canned air gets way to expensive, plus you have to deal with it freezing (probably bad for the environment as well, not sure).


Those electric air blowers are great!!


Can’t say that I’ve ever cleaned mine :sweat_smile:


I always plan to clean mine once a month but then end up procrastinating it so it ends up being about 2-3 times a year. It used to be on my carpet but now I’ve moved it to on top of my desk and the dust build-up is much less noticeable.

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There’s literally no space on the desk for my tower. There’s a desk in the closet that’s the exact width of the closet, on top of that I have my 34inch ultrawide monitor on an arm plus Logicool G G560 Lightsync desk speakers, which fit just under my monitor.

Even if there were space on the desk, running all the cords to the power socket would be troublesome, and my pc is hooked into the widescreen tv in the living room as well.

So it’s not that I wanted it on the floor, it’s pretty much how I had to do it.

Edit: wood floors. Maybe I’ll post pics at some stage.

If you don’t the temps could become bad, including affecting your psu, and most modern cases have the psu get fresh air from the bottom of the case. The last time I cleaned my father’s machine I was at least 2m away at first with my electric duster as I evicted a dust bunny village outside. If it’s that bad never do it inside.

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If it’s carpet, just a simple plank of wood between the floor and the machine is better than nothing. Like @OrgChaos stated, many cases are designed to pull air in from the bottom, often the PS is installed that way. You’d be surprised how much damage can be done when components remain dusty/dirty. Normal heat generation is bad enough, but when it’s compounded by the lack of proper airflow and ventilation it can easily take years off your machine’s longevity.

My Noctua NH-D15 keeps things cool. 95% of the time you can’t even hear the fans. Have never had a problem with the temps. Also I keep it pretty clean.


Depends on how long I manage to go before upgrades. I always give it a good clean when upgrading something, and I’m pretty much upgrading something every few months…


You have room on the desk, you can even put it behind your monitor.

It would make all the cords troublesome. It works for me where it is now.

When I first built it I wanted it on the desk, but it doesn’t work very well.

If it’s on the desk in front of the monitor it blocks a portion of the screen. It also blocks the monitor from being able to be moved forward via the arm. If it goes behind the monitor it’s going to stop the arm from being able to reposition the monitor again, and be troublesome to move for upgrades or cleaning.

Atm the tower is on the floor on the bottom left of the desk. The backend where all the cords come out is facing the door. All the cords route throw the gap between the door and wall and around the corner to where everything plugs in. The pc is also hooked up to a secondary sound system, which I use when hooked into the widescreen tv as a secondary monitor. The HDTV HDMI port is also on the far side of tv. Where the pc is now allows me to plug everything with a modicum of hassle. It’s also easy to access for cleaning ect.

That room is also quite clean and gets cleaned regularly.

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Once a month or so usually the mesh cover accumulates a dust layer so just a quick woosh and its pretty good to go . I second the electric dusters to there awesome. My setup is in the basement so it comes in handy to blow spiders away, plus its more eco friendly than can duster.

Edit: As soon as I sat at my desk today this little spooder decided to check out my GMMK Pro


Plus, you have it on a wood floor…you’ll be fine :smiley: Your setup looks real nice!

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Wait… We’re supposed to clean our PCs?


Once a year.

My PC is kept off the floor and on a stand on the desk. There is lots of airflow around it and with inside positive pressure it stays pretty clean. Once a year I clean the filters and give it a quick dusting on the inside and I’m good.

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Probably once a year I have a pretty otimised airflow I’m my case so dust doesn’t really settle quickly.

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