How do you decide between an ergonomic or ambidextrous mouse?

Hello! Like the topic title asks, what makes you choose one mouse shape over another? Did you have to try multiple mice before coming to a decision, or did you use another way to choose? Would love to hear from y’all!


I prefer an ergo mouse at work or a larger size ambidextrous mouse just for more comfort but when gaming I’ve always just gone with a small ambidextrous mouse just feels better for gaming with my child like hands. I think my first gaming mouse was a Logitech G502 and once I saw the O- I’ve been using small ambi mice ever since. I’ve gotten a few small ergo mice over the years but none have really felt good enough to main over an ambidextrous. Definitely curious to see what others prefer and how they got there :eyes:

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I used to have a logitech 502G Hero (ergo) which I shifted from due to the weight (which is super heavy) and landed at the Model O. I have found that based on my grip style, I prefer an ambidextrous mouse as I fingertip grip the mouse and I’m not locked into specific placement of my thumb.

Now I know the weight change in mice was a major factor, but based on my grip style, I landed on the ambidextrous mouse. It will all come down to preference. But if you don’t currently know your grip, I would use your mouse as you normally do and pause to observe how you’re holding it. It will help inform what kind of mouse you would want to go with.

I hope this helps.

Over the years, I’ve tried a wide range of mice shapes and designs. So I suppose the short answer is trial and error. Mice are constantly changing and so are my preferences.

I’ve recently been enjoying the PULSAR Xlite V2, but I can tell its not “the one”.
One day, someone is going to make a mouse that’s shaped like the Cooler Master MM720 but with better switches and thumb buttons.


Testing different mice is really the only way. After using the Model D for a year, I found it uncomfortable with my finger in the air, especially when using a claw/tip grip. So now I prefer ambidextrous mice with a slimmer, symmetrical design. They work well for me, especially since I prefer higher DPI settings and rarely need to lift the mouse.

Currently, I’m using the Asus Rog Harpe X Aim Lab, which provides quite a generic experience. One of the most comfortable mice I’ve ever used is the Mad Catz Rat Pro S3, thanks to its winged left mouse button, wider design, and well-placed curves.

i can adapt my grip for any style, my decision on mouse is always number of buttons. razer Naga Pro with the 12 button side panel was my daily driver for forever, then i switched to the razer Basilisk v3 pro (still with 13 total buttons, just a more streamlined shape) but i tried out the Glorious O, then the O2 wireless when i started using a controller on PC and didn’t rely on a mouse for gaming. now i don’t even use a mouse since i got my Scuf Envision Pro in… 11 extra buttons… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Lots of factors between my grip, large, and dry hands. I also have mild OCD so if the mouse doesn’t fit right, I’m constantly fidgeting and lifting it up trying to get a comfortable handle on it.

For me shape and texture of the mouse is everything. My hands are so much bigger than most mice that I have a hybrid palm/claw grip. So I tend to rest my palm on the back of the mouse while pinching together with my thumb and my pinky for lift, then claw for the top buttons. This does not work well at all with most ergonomic mice as they are always so slanted on the right side that I cannot get grip without my hand slipping off.

That said, I’ve been through a lot of mice. When the model-o came out it was calling my name as the shape that I’ve always been comfortable with. I have two of them and they are my favorite daily drivers.

The downside is that I play a lot of MMOs where lots of side buttons are very handy, so I’m still on the hunt for a good ambidextrous MMO mouse with a decent side panel. I’ve been through so many MMO mice and they’re all ergonomic and not comfortable at all. I long for the day that glorious makes an ambidextrous MMO mouse with 9-12 side buttons :smiley:

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