How do you clean the ice mouse pad?

There is a spot where there is heavy use and it is a bit shiny and the mouse goes slow over it, it doesn’t glide like the other parts. Just seeing what to use on it to clean it to get the performance back.

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Probably just some warm water and dawn dish soap to remove the oils. Otherwise, maybe a Windex electronics wipe. They don’t leave behind those little fibers like most wipes.

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Thank you for the link and the tip!!

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Welcome to the guild @SigmaPi!


Welcome to the Guild! If you do use dish soap, I’d use a very small amount. I need to clean my pad as well. Make sure you don’t use anything too abrasive either. Very soft sponge or rag would be my recommendation!


Thank you! I used a microfiber cloth, I didnt want it to leave lint behind.