Headphones for Gaming

Hello Everyone!

I know we must have some audio experts here (hopefully not the snobby arrogant kind)

Anyone use the Sennheiser 560s for gaming? I keep seeing them listed as great gaming headphones. I currently use the Sennheiser 58x and really like them. I am still curious if the 560s would be a upgrade, or a side step.

I also been looking at the Coolermaster 751 and epos h6pro for closed backs.

What do you guys use to get the best audio quality?


I’m still rocking my Sennheiser 598s closed.

I also have older HyperX clouds that still hold up.

I recommend getting a mod mic if you don’t have one already. This might be a good product for glorious to get in on as the market is limited to modmic really for attachable mics

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I personally am using the SteeSeries Arctis Nova Pros but I am no audio expert by any means. I upgraded to them from my Turtle Beach s600 Gen 2s and they are so much better for picking up footsteps and for clearer audio. I am half deaf in both ears so I need all the help I can get and the amount of setting you have to work with in Sonar (the SteelSeries Software) is amazing and you can use the EQ to dial in exactly what you need. They have truly been great for me being half deaf

Again like I said I have no clue when it comes to audio but I can certainly say for a person that is half deaf the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro headset has been amazing and I can hear thing so much more clear and can pinpoint where footsteps are coming from so much better then any other headset I have used in the past

I had to look up a Mod Mic. Very interesting product. I have a Razer Siren Microphone on a Boom so I don’t ever use the actual mic on my headset but that is pretty cool you can mod any headset that doesn’t have a mic with a Mod Mic and boom you got a Mic

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I am very satisfied with my beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition

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I feel like audio questions are always a tough one to really answer, because we all have difference preferences on what we like/dislike when it comes to audio. I rock DT 990 Pros (which are open back) or I rock CCA CRAs, which are an IEM that I actually find comfortable and were extremely cheap. For both of them I use Peace Equalizer using some presets I found online that people had put together.

I also have a ModMic for when I’m playing VR, and I don’t really care for the thing.

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The 560s is pretty good for gaming due to its decent staging and overall availability. But imo the 58x is a bit better it has more consistent imaging not as wide sounding as 560s but the imaging on the 560s can be a bit wonky.

I personally use Beyerdynamics either the 880 or a modded 990 I own for competitive gaming. They have wider soundstages than the sennheisers in the same price range and better more precise imaging. Being a former siege addict was very important to me. I find in most other shooters like overwatch , valorant , CSGO. As long as you are able to tell the direction an enemy is coming from and are able to tell that it’s an enemy’s footsteps and not your teammates you have a good enough headset.

For casual games I really like my audioquest nighthawk carbons. Their staging is really immersive not super precise but the angled drivers make them feel like you are listening to speakers. Foots steps sound crispy and the crunch when on terrain feels really real. They have a wonky sound so it’s certainly not for everyone. But that biodynamic driver makes it awesome for people who want to have some sort of an open back with strong bass which is rare. But that strong bass combined with the staging makes things like explosions and stuff fun.

I find a good in between. Really good competitive gaming but also really immersive that some people on here can afford is the sundara. The problem with the sundara is to get the most out of it you gotta drop another $200 on a dac and amp but kinda same case with the Beyers if you are getting anything 250 ohm plus


I have just some beats and i thought they work really well and were super cool, then i came across this… are beats like the razer of headphones? :skull:

My Sennheiser 598s are great, but I also have the og HyperX clouds and they still hold up imo

Razer is the razer of headphones. Their headsets are just not good from both a mic quality and sound quality perspective and like literally their whole product line up sucks. The cheaper $100 beats are actually decent the older more expensive stuff kinda suck. The most popular model the solo 3 is all about the bass no mids or treble. The huge bass shelf makes the mids sound loose and often inaudible really bad for production which u see a lot of SoundCloud rappers use them to make beats. It also makes detailed in the mids and treble more difficult to find than it should be.it seems finally it seems beats has learned their lesson and now make more balanced sounding stuff like the beats solo pro and the wireless in ears which are great for the gym. If we were to compare this those the keyboard world honestly they are kinda like wooting or current razer their products arent bad like at all but when you go custom even for the price like a fully built tiger 80 lite or a keychron you just get more value out if the thing. Audiophiles just like keyboard enthusiasts are just looking for something else. But if all you care about is enjoying music I genuinely don’t care if your using 2 dollar in ears from the dollar store use what works.


I have only tried turtle beach on PS4. They worked pretty well and were comfortable

for me i’m fine with using them. had no idea there was this big audio community, but i’m going to stay away from one more expensive hobby for now.


I’m with you on this :sob:
My wallet will thank me later


definitely stay away its a even deeper rabbit hole that keyboards


I have the Sennheiser HD 600s and absolutely love them - they’re open back so if you live in an environment that can be pretty load maybe go with a closed back instead. Sound quality is amazing, would recommend!


I absolutely LOVE my beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 ohm headphones, they are nearly flawless. I use them with a Creative X4 and the sound quality is genuinely amazing for gaming, movies, music, etc. Plenty of customization options for features and EQ settings. They are “semi-open” which is a fancy way of saying open back because the difference between semi and fully open is negligible IMO. My only complaint is that the headband adjustment is kinda meh.

The only gaming headset I like is the HyperX Cloud II Wireless because it’s incredibly comfortable and it sounds pretty good overall. Battery life could be better, but it’s not too bad.

I haven’t tried any Sennheiser models yet but they are super popular, and there must be a reason for the popularity. Perhaps this holiday season will be a good time for me to get my feet wet!

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DT 880 gang!

@rice yeah kinda agree on that. I had a Razer NARI and it was really comfortable, I liked how it fit and felt, but it was heavy and bulky and the bass was just overpowering unless tuned in the EQ settings in Synapse.


While I’m not great at games I’m really good at anticipating angles based on sound cues using my friend’s Nari on his computer literally would miss footsteps coming behind me constantly cause I would be shooting my gun or running in Apex legends back in the day. I was like no wonder this guy always plays like he’s deaf.

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Ive never had a Beyerdynamic set before, been tempted to get the 990s on a 30 day return policy to try them. the non detach cable king of bothers me but i guess its not a deal breaker.

i know the 770s are closed, but what is the main difference between the 880 and the 990?

im not against closed but its nice having the airflow

Tuning the 990 has a noticable midbass bump and a lot more treble and when not powered correctly the bass will sound very loose and the treble is hard to control u less you mod the headphone , eq it, or feed it a source that has treble decay like a monoprice liquid spark amp. The 990’s soundstage sounds slightly wider and the imagine sounds the same. The 880 especially the 600 ohm gets a lot of praise cause of it’s very neutral sound imo not enough bass to be neutral but regardless the detail retrieval on them for the price is insane and their very good scaling(performance Gains per source upgrade) is well known and we’ll enjoyed. The 990 is a loved headphone among gamers but disliked among audiophiles due to their midbass bump and notably very heavy treble that lends them to being good for gaming.