Has anyone had issues with the Model O- scrollwheel?

Hey guys,

I have a Model O- wireless that’s about 4 months old, I’m having a weird issue with it where if I scroll fast, it will misregister a few of those scrolls as the opposite direction. For example, if I scroll down it will instead register scroll up for the first few ticks. Is this a common issue? I don’t use my mouse wheel heavily so I’m not sure what could’ve caused this or how to get it fixed.

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Hey @spackleOW, sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Model O- scroll wheel. I know I’ve seen a few people mention similar issues on the forum before, but I dont believe anyone has ever posted what was causing the issue.
If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest contacting the Glorious Support Team. They would have the most experience with issues like this and likely have suggestions on how to trouble shoot the scroll wheel. Since you’ve only have the mouse 4 months, they may offer to replace the mouse in the event they can’t help you fix it.

The Glorious Support Team can be reached via email and live chat here, 8am - 8pm CT (1pm - 1am GMT/BST).


I am experiencing the same issue. A firmware update will fix like 95% of the issue. I haven’t contacted support yet myself.

Support told me to retry firmware update and to hard reset the mouse by holding M1 + M2 + Mouse Wheel down for a few seconds. It fixed the issue but it came back, however I found out that doing the hard reset method again is what fixes it, even if it’s just temporarily

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