Has anyone bought from Otakeebs?

I am going to purchase The King keycap set and was wondering if anyone has had experience with Otakeebs.com and if they are legit

My other option is KPrepublic.com but they are more expensive at KPrepublic, I think because of shipping and them being in China

So, I’m hoping that someone here has used Otakeebs before and can let me know if they are legit or if I should just go with KPrepublic


They seem fairly active on r/mk and have run group buys on there before, so it’s probably fine.


Ok so they have been seen in the keyboard community for a little while now. Thanks for letting me know, makes me feel a little better about going with Otakeebs knowing that they are active in the community and have ran other group buys on r/mk, still hopefully someone here has used them before and can let me know for sure if they are to be trusted or not. But to be honest your word is good enough for me to decide I will go with them because I can save some money going that way, anyone else that has used them before and can collaborate that they are legit is just a cherry on top

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You could always buy something cheap from there to see if its good


They only have Group Buy items for sale so anything I buy from there is going to be expensive and would most likely take months to actually ships so there is no way to test to see if they are good unfortunately. I can’t see them being bad if they are on the Geekhack Interest Check page as the US Vendor. I wouldn’t think the designer would post a vendor that was not legit. It’s always nice to get a little verification of a store from the community before purchasing though


@SentientTD said earlier -

So, I have been checking them out on their Reddit page and noticed they are very active there indeed and from what I can tell from some of the conversations I skimmed over they seem pretty legit

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Somehow when I was checking the price difference from KPrepublic and Otakeebs I must have not remembered the KPrepublic price correctly because I thought I had to pay extra plus shipping at KPr but it turns out I was wrong and you don’t pay for shipping so I’m going to go with KPr since they are a little more well known

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Good choice

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Yeah I think so as well

You’d have been fine.

IN recent experience. Shipping from Hong Kong is exhilarating. I highly recommend Kerry Ecommerce

Yeah I know I would have been I just feel more comfortable going with KPr