GSV2s Stick in my GMMK 2

So I just got my GMMK 2 65% and I’ve installed my GSV2 stabilizers. I’ve noticed that the space bar, left shift, enter, and backspace don’t go back up when pressed down. I previously holee modded them and I removed the bandaids to see if that was what was causing the issue, but it wasn’t, the key was still stuck down. For some reason when I insert the spacebar backwards, it works just fine. This trick oddly doesn’t work with left shift, enter, or backspace. This could be an issue with my keycaps which are Glorious’s GPBT keycaps (Ocean). The stock stabs all work as well, they don’t have this issue. I noticed that without putting on the top tray/case, and putting a switch and a keycap in the pcb, it goes up and down just fine, but with the top tray/case on, it just doesn’t work. I don’t think I overlubed them as the same thing happens to unlubed stabs. I even tried without screwing anything back in and reassembling it normally, so this does not have to do with how tight the board is. I also tried this without the foam in between the pcb and top, same thing :confused: I’m super confused right now. So it’s either an issue with my keycaps, or the top tray/case itself.

Do you have stabilizer pads under them?

No, but I accidentally figured out my issue. I PE foam modded the board and turns out removing the foam did the trick…

I didn’t consider doing that in the first place because the foam wasn’t in anyway obstructing the stabs. I’ll try making pads out of the foam for the switches as that doesn’t seem to be of any harm.

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Glad you found a solution, I had some rubber stabilizer pads under mine and they caused my spacebar to stick.