GPBT Grapefruit Keycaps are here for all!

Hey folks!

Excited to share we moved the limited-edition release of the GPBT Grapefruit Keycaps to a full-release, available to everyone.

Always a great feeling when we can move a limited release item to a wider audience. Shoutout all the people that supported the limited-edition release, this wouldn’t be possible without you!

Some additional links to scope:

* Here is a nice blog post from the team on the GPBT Grapefruit Keycaps.

* Here is the product on page on the shop!


Got these for my gmmk pro, Caine wait to install!


Nice! Hopefully more limited products will be made available (hint: Series One PRO). I wish the yellow was more prominent instead of being tucked away in the corner, that gradient fade to pink looks so cool


I agree, I wish it would’ve been the other way around, with the pink fading to yellow. Haven’t even opened them yet, just now installing my gaskets and plate foam for my new build