Got my GMMK Barebones from the Black Friday sale today. Easy mods?

I’m new to the keeb scene. I got in my GMMK Pro Barebones today from the sale. Before I move my switches and caps from my old GMMK over… are there any easy mods I can do with stuff I already have around? Also, I’ve heard mention that some have GOAT stabs and some have something else. How do I know which I got?


the barebones will all have the Goat v1 stabs as far as i know. they will have silver support wires between the stabs. Goat v2 have Gold plated support wires. i recommend getting some durock v2 stabs! theyre in my main board i have had since release and i love them! im going to be retrying the goat v2 stabs i have in the gmmk pro i got on the black friday deals, so i will see how that goes again…

welcome to the community! there is lots documented around here for mods! check out the “show off your GMMK pro” thread!


I read an admin here earlier this week said it was a mash up of which of the two stabs you will get with the barebones right now.

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Before doing a full swap, I would put a switch and cap at each stabilized key. If you like the performance you shouldn’t have to worry. But it lets you try it before full swap over. The lube quality is inconsistent so it’s worth checking.

I had thrown together some mod options here:

Let me know if the link doesn’t work. I can see about moving it.

Of the list I really like the tape mod on mine, but try some stuff out and see what you think. Let us know how it turns out!

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Pe foam modding or switch pads , force break mod, stabalizers replacement. Are all ones that can easily be done but the foam and switch pad that’s all if you want a more marbly sound.

This. If the side of the GMMK Pro box says ‘Ascend’, it’s the v1 version with the GOAT stabs and not the GSV2’s. Glorious has stock of both and it’s 50/50 which one you might get.


I used modular plate foam from KBDfans and put a few layers of paper towel inside the case of my GMMK 60%, which improved acoustics quite a bit. I also swapped the switches to Momoka Frog linears and lubed the original stabs, and I decided to keep the original keycaps for the Fn layer sublegends.

My experience with GMMK 2 boards is limited, but lubing the stabs is definitely the best place to start. They don’t necessarily need to be replaced, just given a proper lube job. Mods like foam, switches, etc. will largely depend on what you want from the board.

The tempest tape mod is a way to get more pop from each key press. It is a super easy mod that provides a noticeable impact to the sound. You tube has plenty of videos on how to do this.

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