GMMK2 problems

Hello fellow Glorious members,

I ordered my GMMK compact keyboard March 18, 2022 and used it ever since. I thought I had no problem with it… but it turned out it was not true.

Anyway during summer of 2022 I bought a wireless headset (Steelseries Arctis 9) and it kept disconnecting. I was pretty mad about it… talked with Steelseries support but they couldn’t figure out what was the problem… I even ordered an extra wifi dongle for it because someone mentioned it might be a problem with the original one. Obv it didn’t solve anything.

I bought another headset for my Xbox but it had the same problem… I was kinda surprised and figured out… something else is problematic.

Anyway I lived in this really annoying state where my headsets randomly disconnects time to time (during CS rounds it is pretty annoying) for a year when extra problems started to arise.

Randomly all usb devices were frozen and only a computer restart could solve it. Then random computer freezes… or I just couldn’t click on a pop OK/Cancel button at all

More and more problem appeared and I thought my PC is about to die… but my friend suggested maybe one of my usd device is problematic. So I started unplug everything one by one.

StreamDeck… Headset(s)… Mouse… and finally the GMMK2 keyboard. And suddenly every problem just disappeared. I’ve used my PC for a week now without any kind of problem and my headsets haven’t disconnected ONCE.

Is there anyone who uses GMMK2 keyboard and experienced similar problems? I am kinda sad but relieved… and I almost broke my headset in half after the 100th disconnect :confused:

Best regards,