GMMK2 Low profile switches?

Hi, really sorry if this is a dumb question. I don’t usually get into building or modding my own keyboards. I just buy them endlessly in the hope I’ll one day find my perfect match.

After a recent spree that saw me buying several more keyboards that I’m not a massive fan of and my wife getting mad about it (I don’t return them, they are all just forming a huge pile in the attic) I’m starting to get more serious about ending the search.

While I wait for my GMMK2 to arrive (man, I love Glorious but the shipping takes a weirdly long time) I’m trying to work out a way to make it what I want so it ends up being a daily driver I keep and use for years. What I think would help is low profile switches. I often switch between my beloved MX Keys S (please don’t hate me for it, I know it’s not “hardcore modder life” but it’s a comfortable keyboard to type on for extended periods) and my Razer Huntsman mini which is nice but I find the long travel on normal keyboards too clunky and it makes my hands tired on days full of typing. I figure a low profile mechanical keyboard might be a nice half way point between the two.

I can’t find a low profile mechanical keyboard that I want, so I’m wondering whether the GMMK2 will let me just swap out the switches (and presumably keycaps?) for low profile ones. Any advice would be much appreciated (ie whether it’s possible and if so which switches and caps might work).

I believe low profile switches have the pins in a different spot then regular switches but I could be wrong