GMMK2 Brightness reset after windows restart

Factory brightness is too bright for me, so I changed it to 40%. Problem is that every time I turn off and on my computer it keeps resenting back to 100%.
Doesn’t matter if I change the brightness with the abomination of a software known as glorious core or I manually do it via keyboard shortcuts.
Pulling the cable and inserting it again does not change the lowered brightness level. After turning on the computer and manually lowering the brightness with my keyboard it drops straight from 100% to 40% with just one pressing of the combination. Same with opening the core software.
Any Idea what causes this brightness resetting? I think it’s some external problem…

Do you have the glorious core open when u turn on ur computer? I have my razer mouse set to just red but unless I open up synapse it just stays cycling through every color. Just a thought, not to sure what could be causing that. You could always reach out to Glorious Support .

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I don’t. Nor I intend to have this junk of a software at autostart. Glorious support is most likely some bots that can’t help.
Considering that 10y/o logitech keyboard do not have this problem, my plan was just to have software free hadware (software is for one time configuration only, eventually editing - no need to clutter autostart for it to open every time)

Their support is actually really good, give it a shot who knows maybe it’s a setting somewhere.

Yeah, support is awesome and it even exceeded my expectations - all I got til now (almost 2 weeks of waiting) is a message to rate their “help”.
1/5 star because not even a bot replied lol, radio silence.