GMMK2 Bootloader issue

I’m on MacOS and trying to flash QMK. I’m holding down Space-B while plugging in the UBSC cable, and the RGB lights go out, but QMK Toolbox doesn’t recognize the keyboard.

Sorry to piggyback, but I am having similar issue with ansi gmmk2 on windows. I can’t even get to the QMK Toolbox. regular Fn keys work, but nothing opens up the Bootloader

update tidbit: reinstalling the software allowed me to detect it, but will likely not be detectable after a reboot

To fix the no driver issue on windows machines (specifically 11), you need to install the driver with zadig. If you need more info I posted full instructions on the Announcement thread for QMK. Or feel free to PM.

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Standard QMK toolbox will not work, it doesn’t have the right drivers. You have to use the QMK_toolbox.exe they posted in the QMK instructions. I recognize that doesn’t solve the issue of compiling on a Mac.

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