GMMK2 Arrow Keys

I don’t know if this has been discussed before (I searched and didn’t find anything), but is there any plan to make a GMMK2 layout that does not have the arrow keys that are jammed into the bottom rows of the keyboard?

A layout that has just the main body of keys plus the numeric keypad would be ideal. I use the keypad almost exclusively for the arrow keys and one-handed operation with home/end/pgup/pgdn/delete/enter and the redundant arrow keys that are put on the bottom rows are just in the way.

To make space for the arrow keys, other keys are moved out of place, and this leads to a lot of errant presses. I’ve remapped those keys to do something else (even made the right arrow key another “insert” key so that it works the same when I accidentally hit it) but that’s just kludgy.