GMMK2 96% uneven back light on some letters

Hello everyone! First of all I want to start that I’m very happy with my GMMK2 96%! Love the format, love the switches, overall a huge upgrade over my previous Logitech G513 (left the wrist wrest tough I find it to be very good). One thing that worries me tough is the very uneven back light / shine through consistency with various letters. The most prominent would be the O key and the F8 key, when I take the keycaps off they have a visible black marking in various places and in various quantity. Some keys have one black line, some have two, some three. The pictures don’t show it good enough but the uneven lighting of the markings is very prominent especially in low ambient light. Is it just mine piece or is this a common theme with those basic ABS key caps? I don’t have a problem to buy a PBT set (tough finding a backlit set with short 0 for the numpad will be a challenge), but maybe it’s just a production failure and I should replace my unit. I watched some YT reviews of a white one and it seemed like there was no issue as I’m seeing on the black version. On one of the pictures I put the F8 key from my Logitech keyboard - it is backlit brighter and very regularly. Thanks for the information!