GMMK vs Pro

So I grabbed the GMMK TKL while it was on sale, figured it’s a steal at $55. Prior to grabbing it, I had actually been looking at the GMMK Pro. Would it be worth the upgrade to grab a barebones Pro kit and swap over my switches and caps? I wanted browns anyways, so I’m not losing much by upgrading from day one basically. Is aftermarket support any different on the Pro vs OG? I switched over from a Logitech G Pro, which was a much heavier and thicker keyboard (though I noticed a smaller profile with smaller keys than my GMMK TKL. I’m new to custom keyboarding, but have a tinkerer personality so love the idea of all the custom options.

If you wanted to pick up the Pro at this point you could definitely swap the switches and caps over from your GMMK TKL to get it started! That frees up your TKL for a future build with different switches and caps, or you can swap the switches back into it when you decide to upgrade your GMMK Pro further, which would be my recommendation.

So many customization options available for the Pro at this point, I think it’s a great step into custom keyboards.


Is there anything else I would need other than the barebones kit? I assume stabilizers etc will all swap right over to the pro?

The barebones Pro comes with stabilizers, but a lot of people would recommend swapping them out. Personally, the stabilizers on my first Pro were over lubed, and even after cleaning them up they weren’t working properly, YMMV.

The only things that you would need to add are the switches and caps. The GMMK TKL doesn’t come with spare caps, does it? You might be short a few if I’m thinking about this correctly

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I bought a set of Aura caps as well, so those are what I would be using actually. I believe it has all caps needed left over in the box.

Excellent! Yeah, the aura caps will have everything you need!


But also decided to make this jump because I love a lot of Artisan caps I’m seeing on Etsy, so going to be ordering a handful of them as well if somehow I am missing something.


Welcome to the group of the GMMK Pro!

Next, you are going to see the GMMK TKL sitting there barebones and be like I want to try these switches and keycaps. Next, you’ll be like I have at 75%, TKL, I want to give a 65% a chance and then you go down the amazing rabbit hole of custom keyboards!!


Thanks! I’ve been wanting to get in. I did a bit of research and kept seeing this recommended as a top keyboard. If there are even better options I am open to hearing them. I’m ready to dive into the hole lol.