GMMK Pro Wobble?

Hey, everyone! Newbie here; I’ve never really gotten into a custom/DIY mechanical board before, but I picked up a GMMK Pro at Best Buy about a month or so ago, and since then I’ve noticed a wobble from the upper left to the lower right corners. I can’t tell just by eyeballing it if there’s any warping in the frame, and I can’t put much torque on the board since it’s pretty heavy.

Anyone else ever have this issue? I can’t return the board anymore (way past two weeks on that one). I checked the screws and tightened them up a little, but that didn’t do anything.

Last thing I checked was the little rubber feet, but the wobble persists with them both on and off; the wobble also becomes more pronounced when the Keyboard is at an angle.


Hi and welcome to the forums! Can you give a more detailed description of the wobble for example is it the frame itself wobbling or do you mean the keys wobble down more in those sections. Glad to help and if we can’t quite help you here or if you would like to see if you can get it replaced you can always contact Glorious support here as they still might be able to get it replaced for you.


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It sounds to me like your desk or table surface is warped, not the keyboard. Try using a known flat item such as a ruler or a level to see if the keyboard or your desk has any warp.


Hey! Thanks for the welcome, and it’s the frame itself that’s wobbling. If I push down on the lower-right side of the frame, it moves up and down, as if the lower-right corner of the frame was not making contact with the surface of the desk.

Thing is, it happens if the board isn’t perfectly straight, or if it’s not in certain spots. I’d thought it might be the desk, but this has happened across three different surfaces (kitchen table, my regular desk, and a folding desk/tray I was using before I got my new one), and it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the other keyboard I own (a cheap-o Walmart mechanical ‘gaming’ keyboard I bought when my old kb first died.


Thanks for the welcome!

I have to re-check, but I don’t think it’s the desk… though I hope it is, lol.

There doesn’t seem to the be same issues when I use a different KB laying around the house, though obviously I’m talking about an unscientific test with a $25.00 Walmart item vs the substantially better, and heavier, GMMK Pro.

Thanks for the advice, and I’ll see I can rule out any desk/surface related issues!


Howdy @WriterJay_1984!
I will chime in here too just to add other ideas for troubleshooting before you send support a message (which is something we all advise in the end).
Since this was purchased at best buy, I want to ask if it was purchased as an open box item or clearance in some form or another. I used to work at Best Buy so I do know that Open box items can be a little tricky for the consumer, myself included in the past. If yes, it is possible that something happened to it before it was opened/returned?

If it was not either of those, have you opened up the keyboard to make any modifications to any of the internal “layers” of the device? Foam added, extra gaskets, etc.?
If you have, may I suggest opening it up one more time and making sure that everything is in its proper place? If you have not opened it up, you may want to, just give everything a good once over. You may be able to spot what is causing that wobble for you.

Hoping for a speedy and easy fix for you though! Welcome to the forums and Remain Glorious!



So, I purchased it new. I too worked at Best Buy back in the day and I’m pretty picky about the open box stuff I buy there, mostly because I know how most people treat their electronics lol.

I hadn’t opened it up before today. I was planning on eventually replacing the included stabs with Durock V2s, and maybe replacing the plate with the brass one, but on your advice I did disassemble the board and re-check everything.

Fits were all pretty tight inside, and none of the cable routing was off, but I think I did trac k down the issue. Unfortunately it’s one I can’t really solve lol. I tested each state of the teardown for wobble and it looks like the culprit is the bottom frame itself. There’s a minute, and I mean minute difference in the frame running from the lower left to the lower right. I didn’t think to take pics (had my hands full) but it seems the lower right edge of the bottom frame is about 0.5mm higher than the lower left edge of the bottom frame. At least, that’s my guess without precise measuring tools.

So… customer support it is, I guess.


Darn it! That is tough to hear for sure. Keep us posted on how everything goes with support. I am sure they’ll sort you out - just never a fun time when you have to deal with these woes.


I have had this issue with my GMMK Numpad. The only time it happens is when I have it sitting on my desk where my Deskmat does not cover but if I put it on my Deskmat it stops it from happening. Also, I have been able to make it stop when I put it on a different angle but it sounds like you have tried that already and it has not helped.

Are you using your GMMK Pro on a Deskmat or is it directly on your desk? I know it’s not exactly a permanent fix but if it does help at least it will keep if from rocking back and forth on you until you hear back from support and get everything squared away

I really hope that you are able to fina a permanent solution


So, they got back to me pretty quickly, and after I sent them a video of what was happening, they’re just shipping me a new one, I guess with the assumption I need to send the old one back lol.


Glorious support is always on top of their game. I’m very happy to hear that they squared you away and are sending you a replacement.


Glad to hear everything was taken care of sorry I couldn’t personally assist I got a bit sick over the past few days.

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@JrEtwon Welome back! Sorry that you were not feeling well.

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