GMMK Pro - Stabs(GSV2)

Simple question, does the GMMK Pro come factory with GSV2 stabs now, or do they still need to be purchased additionally? I placed an order for a Pro this weekend, but now I’m wondering.

This will be my first not fully pre-built so I’m just trying to dip my toes in.


Pretty sure you’ve got to buy them separately but you’ll get a discount because you bought a Pro.

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You buy them separately, they come unlubed, and there are videos on how to lube them, along with how to take the board apart (pretty straightforward). This was my first board that I took apart and put together again, and was able to get it in the first try without any issues.

The GSV2 are half off if you purchased a GMMK Pro, and are well worth it at that price.

They only come included with the pre-built options when buying the pro. If you bought the Pro from Glorious site, it’ll auto deduct the $5 off GSV2’s when in your checkout. Shipping will hurt, unless you plan on picking up other stuff to get over that $99.

Is that for stock bought at other stores aswell or only on glorious site. Asked this nearly a week ago and no one answered in other thread.

Got a black slate prebuilt kit and I’d like to not have to pull my kb apart to tell. Are there any visual differences to the gsv2 compared to goat?


I believe the OG GOAT are silver vs the new GS2 being gold.

Ok so I had a look. Mine are silver so my prebuilt did not come with v2 :frowning:

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Ok, so I can confirm with the order I placed and received this week, that a custom built GMMK Pro does not come with the GSV2 stabs. Glorious Summer was able to confirm this for me as well.

Hopefully this answers the question for future interested buyers.

Playing around with mine as is while I wait for the GSV2 stabs and Pro Gateron Yellow switches to arrive.

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