GMMK PRO: some leds stays on with lighting profile off

Hello everyone! I’m an happy user of the GMMK PRO (ISO) :slight_smile: .

I’m having some problems with some leds: they are working as expected, if a lighting profile has actual light.

If I turn off the lighting, some of the leds stays blue.

I checked on the Glorious Core sw, but there’s nothing custom about lighting.

To be clear, as an example: if I choose to have the led lighting red, these leds turn to red.

The leds that stay blue are: right shift, end, left arrow.

I restored the KB to factory defaults (FN, ESC, F1, F3, F5 for 10 seconds) but nothing changed about these leds.

Is this a problem on the KB board?

Best wishes,

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Hello @sebastiano and welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I would get in contact with glorious support to see if they can provide assistance. Let us know how this comes along. Hopefully you can get this item resolved quickly!

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