GMMK Pro, Raptor Switches and Tarkov

So this is my first “nice” keyboard, and I’m running in to an issue while playing Escape From Tarkov. There’s a lot of keybindings (“T + LALT” for example) that just don’t seem to work no matter what I do. I’ve updated the firmware and tried all combinations of polling and latency. It maybe functions 1/20 times and it’s very frustrating. Any tips or recommendations?

Does it only happen when playing Tarkov? Have you tried using a key tester to ensure your keys actuated? Try swapping out ones that don’t seem to be working and maybe do a teardown to check everything in place.

You can also ask Glorious Support and see if they can help you at all.


So keys all work fine individually and things like ctrl alt del/alt tab/ctrl esc work fine. In Tarkov it’s only keypress combinations that are giving me trouble

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Might just need to adjust your play style a bit or switch your bindings up . I sent this to a friend of mine because there big on Tarkov and they mentioned that controls can be a bit finicky with all the key binds. So not much you can do if things seem to be working correctly. Only other thing I could recommend is trying different switches as raptors require a bit more force.

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I did a little research and it may be that Tarkov doesn’t support NKRO, is there a toggle on the GMMK Pro for 6KRO?

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I was able to find a reddit post stating: holding [FN] + [Menu] key “for 3 seconds will change to 6-key rollover”

This was regarding the GMMK compact but its worth a shot.

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Yeah I saw that as well, no menu key on the pro unfortunately. Tried making a custom keybind for it too but nope.

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Ok, so I contacted support, and they are saying it is NKRO only. However, just shooting in the dark here it looks like flashing it with QMK would enable you to do this. There is another Reddit post Feature rich QMK layout for GMMK Pro. Which says it has an N-key rollover toggle.


Guess that’s my only option. Did your friends happen to play Tarkov with the GMMK Pro model?

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No, sadly they are too content with a cheapo Amazon board and won’t give into my peer pressure to get a nice custom :sweat_smile: Sorry there wasn’t a better workaround but QMK/VIA is honestly superior anyways. Hopefully, it works out for you. Feel free to let us know if it does.


Got around to installing the QMK firmware on my keyboard. So if anyone comes across this thread having similar issues… Tarkov has problems with NKRO. You need to have 6KRO enabled and all your issues will go away. Thanks for the help, @ice!

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Just kidding. After playing g for a few days, switching it to QMK firmware and 6KRO only makes it work a little better. I still have to spam key combos for them to work sometimes. Such a weird issue

So i think I see what the problem is. The only key combos that dont work involve left alt. I noticed that the game doesn’t recognize the left alt “press” but only the “release”. I tried with CTRL, and it works on press and release and is detected. Could the switch be bad?

That sounds like a real possibility. Also, sometimes the hotswap ports give a little play in the switch. I’ve seen people bend the bends ever so slightly to ensure appropriate contact with the hotswap port. I would try a switch swap first to see what kind of luck you have. Hoping that this can be resolved for you soon!

It was the switch! All fixed now. Just put a new one in.


@mdh13192 really happy to hear! Would I would not be happy to hear is open mic clicky switches as someone approaches from behind in Tarkov…

Happy raiding. I wish you success in your questing.