GMMK Pro Prebuilt with GSV2 stabs?

Hey guys! New here. I was at Micro Center today and got to play with the new GMMK Pro Prebuilt. The keycaps seemed a bit different than what’s currently available. White but with the same font of the celestial set. It also came with Glorious Fox Switches (which sounded and felt great btw). But I was mostly questioning the stabs. They felt REALLY good. Like…REALLY GOOD. Wondering if anyone knows if the prebuilt comes with GSV2s? I missed the first run of these sadly and I’m patiently waiting for them to come back in stock.

I did see that they are offering GMMK Pro prebuilt, but I haven’t seen any more information than that. Even the website (as far as I can tell) does not offer the prebuilt version of the GMMK Pro that I saw pop up in Randomfrankp’s video a couple of weeks ago.

I’d think that the box would specify if they are GSv2 or not… what I DO know is that originally, they had the GOAT stabs that were released alongside the GMMK PRO, but there were differences between the stock stabs and the GOAT stabs. I think the gold plated hardware was the main difference, but I’d need confirmation on that.

Given that they were offering the GSv2’s to GMMK PRO owners at a discounted price, I’d think they were the new ones… especially if they sound/feel really good.

EDIT: I can see the page on my local Microcenter, but they don’t have good enough pictures of the box to tell. but oh MAN do I want those keycaps.