gmmk pro not turning on

Hi, I’ve just recently bought a gmmk pro barebones kit and when i went ahead to plug it in to my pc nothing turned on. Not even the rgb or anything also my pc didn’t recognize anything being plugged in.

I’ve tried restarting my pc, tested other usb ports, different cables, checked if the daughter board was plugged into the pcb and nothing worked

Anyone got any suggestions?

That is a bummer! Reach out to glorious support to get some direction. One way or another they will get you sorted out. Let us know how things go.

Definitely reach out to Glorious support and explain the situation to them. Keep in mind that it is the holidays, and it may take longer to receive a response from a rep.

Have you left the keyboard plugged in for a period of time (10ish minutes), and allowed the drivers to install?

Thanks for the reply and yes i have left it plugged in for more than half an hour and nothing happened. No drivers were installed and my pc didn’t even respond to it being plugged in and no drivers were downloaded.
I think i’m just going to see if I can get a replacement
Thanks for the help!