GMMK Pro - must hold fn key to type

No idea if this is something because of the latest update, but shortly after updating I disconnected my GMMK Pro to move some things and when I reconnected none of the keys would type. After frustratingly trying numerous things I have realized that all of the keys will type but only if I hold the fn key.

RGB works fine and turning the knob does as well (turning only, pushing the knob also requires I hold fn). If someone knows what’s going on please help. I’ve been using Glorious Core if that helps. Messing around in there wasn’t done anything for me.


Try to do a factory restart by pressing FN + ESC then F1 + F3 + F5

That should restart your GMMK Pro and put it back to the factory default settings

Also, welcome to the community! I hope we can figure this out for you

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Welcome to the Guild @lhale!

Sorry to hear about the issues with your board! Sounds like something may have gone wrong during the update.

Definitely try out what @Dozill typed above, and if that doesn’t work I’d recommend contacting Glorious Support, as they’re the experts on matters like this!