GMMK Pro caps lock light

Hi, wondering if anyone can help me!

The sides of my on my GMMK Pro used to blink when I have caps lock on. Now they are blinking when I have caps lock off instead. Does anyone have a remedy for this? I don’t currently have the glorious core software as I am at work when this error has occurred. Is there a hot key/binding to correct this?

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That’s odd. I would try to force a reflash of the firmware to see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise I would contact support to see if they can assist.

Well that’s a new one. Whenever I have an oddity like this pop up, one of my troubleshoots is to reset the device to its default settings. I’ve had some unique issues pop up with various software over the years, and that actually works pretty often.

You can find the option on the bottom right hand side of the CORE page for the PRO.

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Super weird huh? I would’ve tried a few things in glorious core before posting but I am a nerd and I bring my keyboard back and forth to my work with me and of course I can’t install glorious core at work. I ended up speaking with support and this is what fixed it

You can also try to reset the GMMK PRO. You can do this by holding FN + ESC then F1 + F3 + F5 for about 10 seconds

I followed the above instructions and it reset the board and it started functioning as normal!

Mind you , I did lose my custom lighting set up but I did save that as a file on my home pc so that will be reloaded no problem


Do you have more than one keyboard plugged in?

Nope it was just one at the time! Was working normally for about 6 hours and then it was like “poof, time to switch it up”

Thanks so much for posting the support teams suggestions and what fixed it. A lot of people pop on asking for help with various issues, but they rarely post a follow up with the solution.


No problemo! I thought it was a useful fix because it’s legit just a “reset all” without needing software!

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