GMMK Pro 2 Years Later, Chronically Dying Keyswitch Slot?

Disclaimer: I have been a longtime supporter of Glorious and its products, all of my gaming peripheral & accessory purchases of the past 3 years have been 100% their products. I have recommended their keyboards, mice, and accessories to all of my friends over this time as well. I really applaud their commitment to making quality gaming peripherals accessible, I sometimes even pretend that the numpad isn’t an over-priced aberration from their entire brand identity.

All that said, I am no longer using my GMMK Pro as my daily driver. The reason for this is because consistently the “A” key on my keyboard simply dies. I have replaced the switch a total of 4 times since I’ve gotten the board, thinking I had a bad switch at first but it has happened enough times now that I know it’s not a coincidence.

I’m not particularly hard on the “A” key more than any other key on my board, as a gamer I’d expect any sort of faulty things like this to happen to “W” or left Shift as they are constantly being mashed or held down but no, they are perfectly fine.

It’s so immensely annoying to have my KDA ruined in competitive matches because in the heat of the moment I cannot move left reliably and get killed in whatever game I’m playing. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this would be happening. Has anybody else run into this problem with their Original GMMK Pro?

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Check the switch itself and make sure the pins aren’t somehow bent noticed this with my gmmp pro and boards I’ve modified to have more flex than intended.

It’s likely to be the metal contacts in the hotswap socket getting too loose.

If you want to verify, load up a keyboard tester (like the one at and hold down the key while wobbling it in the north/south directions. If the key display flickers, or only activates when you’re pushing it a certain way, then it’s the socket.

You can fix it by opening up the board and using a small needle to push the hotswap contacts back toward the switch pin from underneath the pcb. It may be fragile, so don’t apply too much pressure when bending it back.


You are not the first one, my keyboard light has issues too, the whole row of light just blinks red, and it is annoying

I am starting to notice All my glorious products have a life span of only 1 to 2 years max before some weird stuff happens

This was 100% the problem, thank you for your wisdom.

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Unfortunately this is kind of what I’m thinking too. Not that I suppose peripherals that get used daily should last forever, but when you pay a premium price for a premium product you would expect it to last longer than this. In the case of a glorious mouse, I wouldn’t be too upset, but the GMMK Pro is an enthusiast product, which you would assume would be enthusiast grade.

Update: I tried what @jlnt recommended and it did help a bit but the A key is still noticeably unreliable. Does Glorious even sell replacement PCBs?

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