GMMK Numpad Sleep Mode?

Hi everyone, just checking to see if this is normal for everyone. I use my numpad on a bluetooth connection. I have the settings in the core software for the numpad to turn off rgb after 1 min of inactivity, and go to sleep after 2 mins of inactivity.

So after 1 min, the rgb lights do go off. After 2 mins of inactivity, it still remains connected to computer via bluetooth. Just curious, is it supposed to go to sleep? or does being connected to bluetooth doesn’t count as inactivity?

But another thing I notice is that if I don’t turn off the bluetooth switch on the back of the numpad, and I turn off my computer, the numpad loses about 25 to 30% battery life in a day. Not sure if that’s normal. It seems like it’s not really going into sleep mode at all, even if it’s not connected to any devices.

Thanks for your help!

Kinda same thing here. Just bought the same product and the program doesnt seem to work right. For mine it goes to sleep but doesnt turn of LED after i set the timer. lets hope they fix with an update :slight_smile: