GMMK Numpad Batch 1 is now SOLD OUT. Batch 2 pre-orders are live

Heads up if you didn’t catch the email or social posts, GMMK Numpad Batch 1 pre-orders officially sold out on our site yesterday. We opened up Batch 2 pre-orders. This second Batch will ship after the first is completely fulfilled.

Barring any unforeseen production delays, Batch 2 is still expected to ship in September.

You can pre-order here: Glorious Gaming - Glorious GMMK Numpad - Wireless Mechanical Numpad

FYI, Batch 2 only has a small number of units available and we’re still seeing some heavy demand. Once those are sold out we will open a Batch 3, but it could be an additional 2+ months lead time before we’re able to get additional stock.

Feel free to lmk if you have any questions!