GMMK Full-Size

Two questions… first, is the full-size GMMK have a removable USB cable yet?

What are some mods to the GMMK Full-Size that can be done to make it quieter and more solid like a GMMK Pro

The original gmmk full size does not have a removable cable, however, they updated the gmmk later to have a removable cable for the full size gmmk of which they labeled the gmmk 2. However, they are not separate purchases on the website and which one you get completely depends on availability. Since the gmmk 1 (original model) is pcb 3 pin mount you’ll need to clip any 5 pin switches. However, the gmmk 2 has 5 pin mounts. You can remove the top place of the gmmk 1 and 2 and change the stabs but it’s only plate mounted. Otherwise the only real mods are which switches you choose to use.

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So to highlight @ZickreyPoe post, the GMMK family has a standard keyboard layout (ANSI). If I had to suggest any mods for the base GMMK family keyboards, it would be this: Lube and film the keys, add/replace some type of dampening foam to the bottom layer, and experiment with your boards acoustics profile.


I have the Full-size and have done a lot of mods to mine. Including foam in the casing to help any echo or plastic sound in the frame and more use DSA or the thocky key caps to help the sound, and lubing of the stabs (glorious did a great job at stock lubing them but I did a little extra to help the little rattle noise I had. I currently have lubed banana split and low profile key caps on it and it sounds amazing! Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info. So far I have filled mine with silicone (mold making kit from amazon) and changed all the stabilizers to the Durock white plate mount stabs. My next mod is pulling the attached cable and installing a USB c port in the back so I can switch keyboards easier.

It’s not a perfect board, but it’s been fun, and I am enjoying it.