Gmmk 2 rgb not working

I have had my gmmk 2 for about two weeks and the rgb wont light up today. I tried the fn shortkeys for brightness and pattern changes but nothing. I un plugged and plugged it back in. Keys work fine kust no light.

The RGB just randomly stopped working, but the keyboard itself is still functioning? That’s a new one, and certainly annoying.
As frustrating as it is to hear, I’d suggest restarting your computer first. Sometimes you get a small update somewhere and it causes an issue like that. If that doesn’t work, double check that you don’t have any updates through the CORE software.
If neither of those fix the issue, I would suggest contacting Glorious Support directly. I’m sure the support team can help you troubleshoot the issue, since they have a great deal more experience in this area.

If you don’t mind, would be willing to update us once the issue is resolved? You may help someone in the future with a similar issue.


Thanks for the help. Found the steps for a reset on my 96%.

If anyone else has the issue the steps are

HOLD the FN and ESC keys and while continuing to hold the two keys press F1, F3 and F5 in sequence but dont let go of FN and ESC.

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Another thing I noticed helps is if you go into Glorious Core and change the lighting options on it, then change it back to what you want. It should work for both options on each switch.