GMMK 2 Profiles

Hi guys,
Do you have profiles for GMMK 2 lightning that can be imported into the Glorious Core?

I’m using the build-in profiles of the keyboard with the Fn key. However the setup I choose is not getting saved in the keyboard, so I have to manually change the lightning every time I’m turning on my PC.


Hey Gabor, welcome to the Guild Forum!

Question: have you exported your lighting profiles at all? There are 3 layers (3 lighting setups) you can have on a profile. On the top left of the Core there is an Import/Export. I had the same issue you seem to be having (unless I’m misunderstanding you) when I first got my GMMK2 and played around with Core. Once I set up my layers into a profile and exported it my lighting saved and I was able to switch the layers at will with the shortcut commands.