GMMK 2 Pink - Any more info on shipping window?

Hi all,

Just wanted to post to ask: Since we’re entering the late April/early May window, I was wondering if we have any better idea as to when this will ship (i.e., it’s looking more like May or depends on the order, could be April or May, etc.)?

I had a big order and all the other stuff is delayed due to the GMMK 2 Pink being a pre-order (which is fine, I knew that going in) but now it’s getting close and I’m just so excited I’m getting impatient :stuck_out_tongue:



I just got mine, so I’m assuming yours shouldn’t be too far behind!


Awesome!! Hope you enjoy yours :slight_smile:

It has nothing to do with the shipping just wanted to find out when the Dongle BT gonna come into play since I game a lot just a thought!

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I got mine yesterday . You should be getting yours soon depending on the batch you were in during preorders.

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Ooh I would like this option too!

Oh yeah! I never got an email notification that my order shipped, so I checked my order status and it had already shipped with a tracking number provided. I only received a notification that my package had arrived. Did you check your order status from the order history page?

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Now that’s an interesting development! I’ll go check my order right now and check!!! Thanks for that heads up!



Looking forward to the pictures!


Sorry for the late response here but yes, all pink orders should be shipped! If yours has not shipped (check your Glorious account as some mentioned above if you haven’t received a notification) please DM me and I’ll check on what’s holding it up :cherry_blossom:

It arrived! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

My wife and I were supposed to assemble them together but I couldn’t wait and I did my GMMK Pro while she waited for her keycaps to come in, but we should be putting together her GMMK 2 tonight!


Post some pics when it’s done! Always fun building a new board.


Finally got around to taking pictures!

My GMMK Pro w/ Durock stabilizers, NK Blueberry switches (lubed), and some MT3 keycaps

My wife’s GMMK 2 w/ Gateron Blues and Aura keycaps

This was our first time doing keyboard builds and I really went deep with mine. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. My wife enjoyed that she was just adding her switches and keycaps and not taking the whole board apart like I was lol


Beautiful builds! And I can’t fault your wife. I’ve done very little to my GMMK2s since they sound so good out of the box.


How are the blueberry switches?

I was used to Cherry MX/Gateron Blues and someone recommended these when I said I wanted to try a tactile/non-clicky.

I really love them and I think I’ll always be a bit biased because they were my first tactile switch. But they have a very unique tactile bump. I think I get what people mean when they say some tactiles have a “big and rounded” bump.

Feels heavy but they sound great.

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