Gmmk 2 Not working

I purchased a gmmk 2 this Monday and was really exited when it arrived today. Everything looked good until I plugged it in. The LEDs in it work but the keyboard is not responsive and also does not come up on glorious core. I even tried using my old Razer blackwidow and it was working perfectly. I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to fix it or if not, send it back?

Sorry to hear that’s happening! Have you tried the reset button? It’s a pin hole under the space bar. I would give that a shot to see if it gets things working for you.

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How do I reset it? Do I have to hold it, if so how long? Should it be plugged in?

I would have it plugged. Not sure how long. I would think hold it until you see the lights do something. Let me see if I can find some instructions

I am just going to return it and get another one as if there is a problem now, there could be more down the road.