GMMK 2 not powering on

I ordered a GMMK 2 for my younger brother and it just arrived today. He has a laptop connected to a monitor and I have a PC setup. When we plugged the GMMK2 into his laptop, it the lights wouldn’t come on and no key inputs were received. I also have a GMMK keyboard and tried using my cable from it with his GMMK2 and laptop, but it didn’t work either. I’ve ruled out it isn’t an issue of cables because both my cable and the cable that came with his GMMK2 work with my previous gen GMMK1 keyboard on my pc and his laptop, but the GMMK2 doesn’t work with either cable on either machine.

I’ve tried power cycling the laptop twice and the keyboard several times, and I’ve gone to the Device Manager > USB Root Hub > Power Management and unchecked Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

This was a Christmas gift for him and I’d really like to get it working instead of having to send it back, any help would be much appreciated.

Im so sorry to hear about you having issues with your brothers GMMK 2. I’m sure the fact that this was a gift for the holidays are only adding to the frustration.

Firstly, I’d suggest putting in a ticket with Glorious support. I’m not sure if the holidays will cause a delay in the response time, but its always a good idea to get something started through official channels.

Secondly, have you allowed the keyboard to sit for a period of time plugged in so it can download drivers?