GMMK 2 Missing Keypresses

Back when the GMMK 2 released I picked one up and immediately had issues with some keys not registering. At first it almost seemed like it was my mistake but over time more and more keys stopped working to the point that the keyboard was no longer usable. I contacted customer support and they exchanged it. I’ve had the new keyboard for about two months now and I’m starting to have the same issue all over again. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, is there a way to fix it?

Seems like you got unlucky twice or I just got lucky because I preordered mine and I haven’t had any of those issues. I hope you find a fix soon!

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That is super odd. Did you download core and update to the latest firmware?

I’ve consistently kept the firmware and core updated in hopes that it can be fixed on a software level.

Both of mine have been fine that’s strange

I would say contact support.

I had that issue as well. They are replacing it.

That is very odd, are you using the same cable and USB port? If so, I would suggest trying the stock cable that came with the GMMK 2 and changing the USB port. If that doesn’t work, I would contact support again and see what they suggest.
If you are able to resolve the issue, I would be very curious to know what the fix was.

I’ve tried multiple cables and ports but it didn’t help. Support wants me to send a video of the issue but it happens intermittently so it’s difficult to catch especially when I’m playing games. I’ll be sure to give an update.