GMMK 2 And Model O Wireless Input lag

Hi, I’ve been using glorious products for the past four years and have loved them. However, recently, in higher-performance games, I’ve been suffering from terrible input lag on both my GMMK 2 and Model O Wireless. It only happens in specific games that use higher-performance graphics like Starfield, Cyberpunk 2077, and, more recently, The Finals. I believe it to be an issue with my glorious products, as my PC hardware should be able to handle these games (I have a Ryzen 9 5600x and 3070 TI). I’ve done a complete PC reset, gone through multiple optimization methods, and reinstalled all firmware/software for the glorious core. The input lag comes in either too late or too long inputs, causing me to run into walls and such while gaming. It even happens while typing, with the same effects, as long as a higher-performance game is open. I am completely out of ideas to fix this issue. If anyone has any recommendations, I would love to hear them. I want to continue using my mouse and keyboard if possible, but if this continues, I might have to bite the bullet and buy new ones. Which I most certainly don’t have the money for right now.

I would highly recommend reaching out to Glorious Support to get troubleshooting assistance @kelpy. That’s going to be the fastest and most reliable way to resolve the issue. The best we can do on the forum is make educated guesses.

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