GLxA Tech Hauler Duffel is legit the best bag I’ve ever had

First post, hi :wave:

I fairly recently bought the Tech Hauler Duffel. There are no reviews on the GLxA site right now so wanted to vouch for this product. I was a little skeptical about the price without reviews, but after several weeks of use I am extremely happy with my purchase.

I think the bag is 100% worth the price, and probably worth more.

It’s very high quality material. It’s a thick polyester, textured and seems to be water resistant. The aesthetic is overall stylish, with a nice sheen and attention to detail. Visible branding is very minimal, and the inner liner print looks cool. Zippers are strong and smooth to pull. Straps/handles are very sturdy.

It has perfect amount of space. I’ve so far used it to lug a bunch of my pc gear back and forth between my office/apartment, as well as taken as my airplane carry-on for a 4 day trip. It fit all of my clothes, toiletries + gaming laptop, mouse, headset, and keyboard with no problem.

It fit fine in an airplane overhead.

It has a lot of purpose-built pockets for gear with nice labeling. There’s a “hidden” compartment underneath that’s padded…you could safely put your laptop/tablet there, or keep it inside. The keyboard pocket is also handy.

You could really use this thing for almost anything.

My friend even just bought one for himself after that trip to use as a gym bag.

TL;DR - this bag is awesome. 5/5 stars from me.

My hat and shirt I got were both also excellent quality and fit great.


I got the tech tracker and I am onboard with a similar assessment. I have been loving that bag! It’s compact but gives lots of space as well as light weight but durable.

Happy to hear you love your stuff!


Glad you’re liking it :slight_smile: I was involved with the design/prototyping of that bag. I love it too! A ton of attention to detail went into it, everything on there was made with a purpose. We had A LOT of sample iterations to make sure it was just right. I’ve taken mine on many trips and its held up great