GLxA Product Questions

Hello there, I was wondering if or when some of the Men’s Tee Shirts like the Genisis Ascend Tee or Genisis Switch Tee on GLxA will be re stocked?

Also, I thought that this would be a good place to ask any questions we have about GLxA specific products


yeah, ive also been wondering that. also, what does GLxA stand for?

Glorious Apparel

Just a guess

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It’s Glorious LxA, and LxA is the company that Glorious collabed with to create the apparel. Not sure the full extent of what they provided though! Redacted: I’m a dummy.


Wry cool and interesting. Thanks for sharing this little tidbit

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Oh cool, thanks

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@SwaggyAlpaca @Dozill

Close. It stands for Glorious Lifestyle & Apparel. We did not collab with any other company on this - we built our own in-house team lead by an extremely talented fashion designer.

We wanted to create a gaming/tech-inspired lifestyle collection that is elevated from typical “merch”…practical, stylish, and super high quality

All of the gear is custom designed by our own designers with cut and sew production…we don’t just slap our logo on generic blanks.

We’ll be restocking a lot of the apparel items within the next couple of weeks (some of the inventory just needs to be moved to the new location). If you want notification sign up for the Back in Stock notifications on the landing page


Oh, thanks for sharing. it seems like a very complicated process now that i think about it. thanks for taking the time to respond :+1:

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Thanks for clarifying. When Glorious was first teasing GLxA, my guess was clothing because LxA is a clothing company that I found online, so my assumption was a collab.