Glorious Raptor Clicky Switches - Out Now!

Hey folks!

Welcome to a new era for clicky switches. Introducing the Glorious Raptor.

Here are just a few things that make these new switches elite:

  • Raptor’s High-Quality Build Features a Premium Click Bar
  • It’s Built with Top-tier Materials
  • They’re Transparent for MAX RGB and Immersive Gaming
  • Raptor Clicky Switches are the Best For Gaming

Want thunderous clicky sounds on both press and release? These are for you.

For the full details on these awesome switches, please check out our wonderful blog post over here: Glorious Raptor Switch Blog.

and to scope them out on the Glorious Store, click here. :star_struck:

*Any and all Dinosaur memes, puns and references are greatly welcomed in this thread.


Birds are dinosaurs :t_rex:


Clicky switches best switches.

How do they compare with the Kailh Bronze? The sound test video has them sounding quieter than my bronzes, but I’m not sure if that’s just down to modding or if they’re actually quieter.

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I’m looking forward to hearing how those in the clicky corner like them. I can’t say I’ll never land there as I started in tactile and shifted to linears. So there is always room.


Clicky user here - main board is kailh bronzes with spr1t 40g clickbars modded in, work board is box whites (I work from home), and bought my dad box jades. You’re going to have to really convince me that these are worth 3x the price of all the existing premium mx clicky options right now. Sound tests mean nothing since there’s no comparison + mic responses vastly differ. The only thing I see of value is that they are prelubed, which from my experience is never needed and does nothing, not to mention cheap to diy.

The marketing blog is ;aughable, every component is just described as premium and high tolerance, which is meaningless, it’s almost as if its indicating that the clickbar is an original Glorious design. Calling clickies, especially loud clickbars best for gaming is just insane, they’re loud as hell and will force you to use Push to Talk to not annoy people in comms, a whole extra input you could be using to crouch, hold your piss bottle or some other gamery action.

How heavy is the clickbar actuation force? Heavier actuation/thicker bar should be clickier.
How do they compare to other clickbar designs? Does this sit between whites and bronzes? From the boisterous marketing I’d expect it to be louder than jades, but I highly doubt that.

Seems to me this is just a way to get an average clickbar into Bestbuy and put a huge ‘GAMER’ premium on it, since most consumers dont know better.