Glorious O 2 review on ShortCircuit youtube channel

Hello guys especially @Millions ,

I guess you know about and saw the review on ShortCircuit

I am talking about this

It kinda went south pretty quickly since the mouse just didn’t work properly so they kinda laugh at the end and summarize the whole video with a big hell no

He wrote (edited) and pinned a comment with the following content shortly after:

UPDATE: Glorious has reached out to us about an update that has been pushed out that should fix the connectivity issues we had!

Imho (personal experience from friends) it didn’t really solve the issue since most of the ppl just skip these comments… so my question just out of curiosity

are you happy with the result? will be another review by them? is it solved or it’s gonna be there as a big negative review (almost 150k view in 3 days… all the other videos combined have less tho)

Maybe it’s not a forum topic I was just curious :slight_smile:



I wonder if that is why my Model O 2 came with a specific note and email from Glorious to update my firmware before using the mouse. I think if that was the cause, Glorious did the right thing in sending out an email to all that bought it from the website on pre-order to update the firmware.


I’ve watched a handful of reviews on it but not specifically that one and while I haven’t seen anyone with problems, I’m seeing a lot of videos where people aren’t very impressed with it.

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well the underground mouse game has really improved over this past few years. plenty more competition so unless stuff like build quality really improves that much more or overall value it is harder to impress others. plus glorious as a brand has kind of weakened in the general peripheral reviewer world it seems

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I think this is a great talking point for the forums! Thanks for bringing it up @AdamoA

Come on…


The gift wrapping box should have been left off for sure for the Short Circuit review of the O2 :rofl:

Sadly the first two reviews that I saw past the extremely early rundown from IOSam; were the short circuit one, and the other the techne did. Both came with issues of firmware and QC. I had to cancel a few orders after seeing these and personal issues with Forge runs.
I doubt that Short Circuit will be changing that video or doing another. If Glorious is lucky they might get a YT Short from some form of LMG but that’s not likely, and would only impact an extremely small amount of consumers/viewers.

I personally have one more reviewer


Edit cause I missed this: Not the reviewer I was speaking of but this just came out earlier today RFP’s review of it.

I am waiting on for the Model O2 and from that, I may re-order the I2 since the I2 will be an always-in-stock thing once the dust settles for QC, etc. - I may give it a go. The O2 is not something that interests me because Glorious has already beaten it with other releases and these other brands are offering more and better. Also because if “the O ain’t broken” then I guess my O is still good enough :slight_smile:

But that MDP will be an empty spot on the shelf kinda like our lack of a model N in the collections and that is on the treading water of a company that I feel has begun to, and keeps missing its mark.

Lastly, the overall lack of enthusiasm, because the competition is so intense from these Indie brands, is hitting a chord that I humbly think needs to be heard by Glorious because we are seeing it…

@rice is right and I think it’s really just hitting its stride now. I’m not worried… my wallet is though. :sweat_smile: The collection will continue growing, hoping Glorious can make it back on my desk sometime soon. :purple_heart:

No swearing here, no insults. Just concern and maybe some snark and sarcasm cause you know, chickens. :chicken:
Be well and Recover Glorious friends,


Interesting. I’ve been avoiding coverage on the Model O 2 as I wanted to keep myself unbiased so I can make my own review video without it being tainted. I still have to buy them like everyone else so it’ll unfortunately be a few weeks before I can get my hands on one.

I still plan on buying one, and plan on using it.

Issues like this never really bother me. It happens, and it’s happened to companies WAY bigger than Glorious. The first wireless Razer Mamba was plagued with issues until Razer eventually dumped it all together. The first wireless Razer Naga I owned ran into issues. RMA’d 3 times until I got one that worked well.

There are just wayyy too many variables that come into play. If I buy one and it doesn’t work, then I’ll obviously be worried, but until then I just assume it’s a fluke/weird stuff that couldn’t be avoided until it got out into people’s hands.


I sadly shouldv’e listened to the shortcircuit review. got my model 02 wireless in yesterday on 03/18/23 and updated the firmware correctly using “glorious core” though the app is far from glorious and I get random disconnects, random mouse choppiness and random reset of settings like color and dpi. Going to refund the mouse and just stick with my Pulsar xlite v2, seems the chinese brand made a better mouse and software than these guys. let down especially after i was a day 1 model o wired user.

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@Teesav Sorry about your negative experience with the new new mouse and you certainly are allowed to have your own opinions about it but spamming the same message in multiple posts makes it seem like you have an agenda against glorious instead of letting people know that you’ve had a problem with your copy. I know if I saw someone spamming the same negative message everywhere I probably wouldn’t even pay attention to it but when its just once I think it would do more good. Just my opinion.


Man I just got mine and I am really dissapointed. I play primarily destiny 2 and when I try to play with this mouse the stuttering is unbearable. The moment I plug back in my model O wireless (first gen) it works perfectly smoothly. This firmware or the dongle is complete garbage.