Glorious needs to help fill the MMO mouse niche!

It feels impossible finding good MMO-focused mice that have 12 buttons on the side, similar to a Corsair Scimitar or a Logitech g600. I’ve tried them all at this point, but none of them come close to how much I enjoy my model D. But the problem with that is the model D only has two extra buttons. The scimitar has decent quality parts but the software is a buggy mess and Corsair support has failed me extremely often. Logitech g600 has good software but the build quality feels cheap and their mice have never lasted a single year before needing some work or just straight up thrown out. I’ve even tried the Reddragon M908 which honestly for it’s price was insanely good but their support is non-existent, and their software is essentially malware.

This is why I wish Glorious would fill the market niche where there hasn’t been a single new addition in the last decade. A lightweight focused mouse with 12 programmable buttons with Glorious’ great software, and superb support, would be glorious.


Welcome to the community @kinomori!
I know that you are not alone in the want for a lightweight MMO mouse. I feel like 2023 is our year but time will tell! With any luck, ODIN once finally spelled through releases, will include something in this vein.
Keep your hopes high and remain Glorious!

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