Glorious Model O software for Linux

I recently got a Glorious Model O (the original one) but when I went to get the software, there is none for Linux which made me sad. Is there a Glorious Model O for Linux?

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There’s no official software, but the model O (wired) is one of the few glorious mice that are supported through Piper. I’ve tried it & it doesn’t have everything, but it works well enough.

If you have any Windows machine, then you can also configure it there and switch back just fine, since the settings are saved to the mouse itself.

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I wanted to change debounce time but Piper doesn’t allow for some odd reason

Yeah, it’s just one of those things. You’ll have to use the Windows software for that.

The piper/libratbag devs did merge a commit that adds the ability to change it, but the latest release is behind. Maybe you could try building from source, but ehh I’d just leave it.

I have to add that Piper isn’t officially sanctioned by Glorious; the devs have to reverse engineer the mouse drivers for it to work. So that’s why there’s stuff missing.
(also the software is made to be usable for a wide variety of brands, so highly specific features aren’t a priority)

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I’d recommend just spinning up a Windows VM and making your adjustments that way.

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ye here is the thing, the vm doesnt register my mouse

Should be able to enable it through your virtualization software

For example in Virtual Box:

Settings > System > Motherboard > Pointer Device

and or

Settings > System > USB > Enable USB Controller

It might depend on the VM you’re using, GNOME Boxes (both the regular package and the flatpak) doesn’t allow USB redirection for input devices. I think the other ones like VirtualBox work, but I haven’t tested.


I just switched from Windows to Linux mint so the software no longer works and when i change the de-bounce time on a different computer when i switch back to mine it resets the de-bounce time. Should this be happening and or what should i do?

Hello @Caspian. That is odd. In theory, it should retain those values to the board. I would recommend reaching out to Glorious Support. They will be the fastest way to help resolve this. Keep us posted.