Glorious model O minus wireless scroll wheel

So I’ve noticed that my scroll wheel is a bit inconsistent. I mostly notice it when I scroll websites. After a bit of searching around, I found a reddit post with someone having the exact same issue.
Someone suggested lifting up the rubber part and add some superglue, but that’s a bit too drastic for my liking.

Has anyone else had this issue with this or any other mice?

I’m mainly concerned because I considered getting the model O Pro, but since I’ve had this problem with my current mouse, just didn’t feel like taking the risk.
It’s a shame because it’s really the only beef I have with this mouse. I did pre-order the model O- one, so I wonder if I just got unlucky with one of the infamous “early batches”.

So my O- wireless was doing the exact same thing. I reached out glorious and they replaced it. I have a lot of Glorious products, and for the most part, they have been fantastic! But for the few issues that I have had, I just contacted customer support and they do what they can to make right.

As long as it’s not physically damaged, I would reach out to glorious support. All of my interactions with customer service have been… Glorious!


Yeah that’s my general experience as well, they shipped me a new keyboard without any issues because my rotary knob broke.

The only problem I have is that I pre-ordered it back then and not sure the warranty still works (plus it’s not a huge issue, just quite annoying when I scroll in browsers mainly).

Hey @KaeN sorry to hear this is happening to your mouse. Definitely reach out to our CS team - even if the mouse is outside of warranty they may have a good suggestion for a less invasive fix than the super glue method you mentioned previously.